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Smart With Games

"For most children, games are an inseparable part of their daily lives, while some parents accuse games of causing children's values ​​to decline, children unable to socialize, and acts of violence perpetrated by children.

This negative stamp arises from a lack of parental understanding of the benefits of the game and its potential for development and education of children. This book explains clearly: "" positive and negative impacts of games; "" types of games that parents and educators need to know "" practical tips for parents and educators to address and utilize games to maximize positive impacts and minimize the negative impact for the child's progress.

After reading this book,don't be surprised if you who once looked one eye at the game actually become infatuated and regretful because only now understand the importance of games for children's development. "

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The Storied Life of AJ Fikry


"Humans cannot live alone; every book opens a window to the world."

AJ Fikry's life was far from what he had hoped for. His wife died, sales in his bookstore dropped sharply, and his most valuable treasure, Poe's rare collection of poems, had just been stolen. Slowly but surely, AJ distanced himself from everyone on Alice Island. In fact he no longer found excitement from the books in his shop. He even considered the books merely a sign that the world had changed so fast. But then a mysterious package appeared in his shop. The package is small, although the weight is pretty good. His appearance gave AJ the opportunity to make his life better and see things from a different perspective. It didn't take long for people around AJ to realize the change in him. He was no longer bitter, books returned to his world,


We read to know we are not alone. We read because we are alone. We read and we are not alone. We are not alone. --- page 263

AJ Fikry is a middle-aged man who owns the only bookstore on the island where he lives. Since the death of his wife after delivering the writer after the meeting with the writer at his bookstore. After that, his life was a mess. AJ became a cynical man who had been disrespectful to a woman from a publication who brought a catalog of books belonging to his company. AJ likes to drink liquor he will regret one day. He lost Edgar Allan Poe's rare book when he was drunk. The book is estimated to cost more than all the books it sells.

Some come, some go. After the tumultuous loss, AJ arrived at something mysterious at his bookstore; a baby. The next day, the police found the body of a young woman on the lighthouse who was allegedly the mother of the baby. He is named Maya. And Maya's presence in AJ's life, made her life more colorful, and even better. With Maya, AJ, who was originally pessimistic and boring, has become more open. AJ became close with a police officer on the island, who later became his best friend. And in the end, it was connected with the woman who filled out the love story sheet.

What's interesting about this story, it's not just the plot that is unusual and surprising. However, following AJ's daily life as a book lover, with the bookstore he manages, it only adds to the impression of this novel. About why he finally decided to become a manager of a small bookstore, then his views on books (which marked the beginning of this chapter), and many more. Then, there are also interesting, when AJ judge someone based on the book:

"If Jenny is a book, she is a paperback book that has just been taken out of a box - no pages are folded as markers, no water marks on the pages, no lines have been opened on the backs of books. AJ prefers social workers who appear to be experienced, he imagined the synopsis behind Jenny's story: when Jenny who was full of enthusiasm from Fairfield, Connecticut, accepted a job as a social worker in a big city, she didn't know what kind of world she was in "--- page 69

Or, the sentence given by AJ when applying for the woman he loves:

"I can promise you my whole book, conversation and heart." --- page 165

This book is interesting, maybe because as a reader who has the same interests as the characters, I feel connected and agree with some of the statements of the characters in this story. For example, for example, when Amelia Loman is dating a man, and she asks what books affect her life. The man answered, "Basic Principles of Accounting part II." From there Amelia can conclude that the man does not like literature. How can he live with someone who has nothing in common with him? This might sound skeptical, but I can still find the correlation with Amelia. The thought of spending time with someone who does not share our views is quite intriguing and disturbing. Then, what if we offered two choices, the first is a completely different person, and has a different hobby. Then, a second person appears who has the same interests and the same vision as us, even though he is not perfect and even far from perfect. I can understand the character's turmoil that can finally understand the path he chose.

In addition to the beautiful story, which is highly correlated with the lives of book lovers, this book is also a good study companion. As a teacher, the writer not only tells how to write, but also directly practices it by presenting a story that can be taken lessons, both literally, and moral lessons in the contents of the story. This book is highly recommended because everything is beautiful and interesting. It is fun to read stories where the characters are united by books. In fact, even showing one's feelings, with a sentence that is "book once".

"I've seen you on the shelf for years. I've read the synopsis and the quote on the back." --- page 291

Title: The Storied Life of AJ Fikry --- AJ Fikry's Life Story
Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Book Thickness: 280 Pages
First printing, October 2017
(original language version: December 2014)
ISBN:  9786020375916
Rating: 4 out of 5Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Book Thickness: 280 Pages
First printing, October 2017
(original language version: December 2014)
ISBN:  9786020375916
Rating: 4 out of 5

Falling into Places


The day Liz Emerson attempted suicide, Newton's Law of Motion was discussed in Physics class. The inertia, the force, the mass, the gravity, the speed, the acceleration ... none of that entered his head properly, but after Liz's school practiced those laws by driving his car off the highway.

Now Liz is dying in the hospital, and he could die at any time. Just as Liz did not understand Newton's Law of Motion, people also did not understand why this unfortunate incident happened to Liz Emerson, the most popular and most formidable girl in Meridian. But I understand. I was with him when the car hit the guardrail and ended at the bottom of the hill. I understand why we fell freely there on the third week of January. I know the reason Liz ended his life. I understood Liz's sadness, how lonely she was and how heartbroken she was.

Every action produces a reaction. But Liz Emerson doesn't need to disappear from this world, right?


Amy Zhang actually applied the concept of Newton's Law III when writing this book; the law of cause and effect. "Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction."

While reading the first paragraph of this book, I was presented with a spectacular opening like this:

The day Liz Emerson attempted suicide, Newton's Law of Motion was discussed in Physics class. Then, after school, Liz practiced the laws by driving her Mercedes off the highway.

Afterwards, Liz's evacuation and rescue efforts were delivered with an engaging show technique, leaving a real impression with panic, fear, anxiety, which followed. How is Liz's fate? Will his end to life be successful? Or instead he will still live much longer? What is clear, a telephone call to the police station managed to prevent the situation from becoming increasingly fatal. Even though, being between life and death with a belief in survival as thin as an epidermis, it feels sad.

The story line moves back and forth with an interesting story, revealing the side of Liz's life as if peeling an onion. The reader is brought to know Liz Emerson, a popular student at Meridian, a figure who is considered perfect by his friends. Dissenters, authorities, and all the other things that made Liz and her two friends, Julia, and Kennie, become known throughout the school. What made Liz commit suicide? Lonely. How can Liz feel lonely if she is surrounded by friends who love her, and Liz often moves from one crowd to another? One party to another? Why could Liz decide to end her life just because of a lonely "cemen" case? Perhaps that is what the writer wants to convey to his character. That the reader is taken to "judge"

However, when the reader is brought to know Liz more deeply, about the events that shook her life, Liz who arbitrarily turned into another Liz, a figure she had been covering up, that nobody else wanted to know. The law of cause and effect formed Liz to be her now. The story of his late father, a childhood friend of victims who formed his character, what happened to those close to him, to his two friends, and many other stories. A person who looks like a story, happy, but his soul is empty. He was lonely, and unfortunately, the reader could share how Liz lived her life in a lonely life. Even in every decision he thinks about, there is turmoil that readers can feel when diving into the story of Liz.

Until in the end, Liz felt that she did not deserve to be on earth with billions of other good human beings. All his behavior seemed to echo in his head. Everything that happened with his intervention appeared in the loneliness that gripped him.

Liz did not realize that an equally large and contradictory reaction was this: every cruel, evil, and spiteful act that Liz had ever done bounced back to her.

In fact, life is not that simple. That many things happen, even more complicated than the explanation of the causal relationship that appears there.

I give a thumbs up with the expertise of the author in telling his story. I am even reluctant to read this book in passing. Because every paragraph is really contained, so it's a pity to pass it by. The way it is written teaches me how to process stories with good show techniques. Everything is meaningful. Moreover, explaining an adolescent story (which doesn't even like physics very much) with the spices of Physics's theory of Newton's Laws of Motion. The author even divides his book (indirectly) in three stages. The first, about Newton's First Law:

A stationary object will remain stationary, and a moving object will continue to move at a constant speed, unless there is an external force acting on it.

This refers to the constant state of Liz's life, which is related to the law of humility, or the state of resistance to change. Then move on to Newton's Law II:

Force is equal to the rate of change in momentum divided by the change in time. For a fixed mass, the force is equal to mass times the acceleration.

Describes Liz's situation, in which she attempts to do "something" in an attempt to get rid of her, and the crime in her hands. Unfortunately Liz did something wrong. And finally, Newton's Law III:

Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

In plain view, something is closely related to the law of cause and effect. Even so, Mr. Eliezer gave a closing sentence in her teaching session:

"Life is more than cause and effect."

Liz needs to know that.

Apart from the close relationship between this novel and Physics, something that has a love hate relationship with me, this book is VERY good! Presented with an unusual point of view (which reminds me of the film Inside Out), a neat and impressive flow back and forth, and managed to bring the reader to feel close to the feelings of the characters. (Moreover, there are physics-physics right, so more and more fell in love with this book! And well, when else will I make a review while fiercely discussing Newton's Law right yaaa XD) Five-star for the book! If necessary, borrow a neighboring star to add more stars =))

I want to go back to high school if the Physical teacher like Mr. Eliezer: D And also want to hear more about Liam's story! (Who is Liam? Just read this book to find the answer;)

Title : Falling into Places
Author: Amy Zhang
Publisher: POP
Book Thickness: 327 Pages
First Matter, October 2016
(original language version, first published September 2014)
ISBN : 9786024241995
Rating: 5 out of 5

The Puppeteer


Jakop Jacobsen is named. An ordinary man with an ordinary life. His closest friend is Pelle Skrindo, a pirate who likes to come and go as he pleases. His hobby is attending funerals, and his dear pen pal is Agnes. To Agnes, he related the various burials he participated in, as well as impressions about the families of the deceased.

Jakop lives alone. He likes to share stories. Unfortunately, he only had Pelle as a sharing friend. However, Pelle disputed it more often than listened to it. Because of this, Jakop likes to attend funerals, share momentary emotions with grieving families, even though he has to fabricate lies about how he knows the deceased. But finally, he found the stone. Agnes's presence when he attended a funeral made him no longer able to fabricate lies. In order to maintain a connection with Agnes, Jakop had to uncover who he really was. Can Jakop?

The Puppeteer, Jostein Gaarder's latest work, invites readers to reflect on solitude, friendship, and about finding a place and destination in life in this world. Heartwarming and arousing empathy.


Note: Maybe it will be spoilers, because I don't know what to write besides Jakop's heartbreaking sadness (and that includes the possible spoilers in this story).

Jakop is a man who can be said to be lonely. In his loneliness, he has a friend named Pelle. He also has a unique habit of following the funeral procession. The habit originated from fun activities to attend the funeral that was announced in the newspaper. How he enjoyed the atmosphere of a large family gathering at the time of death. People who will remember the deceased, many came to pay their respects. All that was not obtained by Jakop in his life. He was born and raised by a mother, with a father who only comes occasionally. The talk of the people in his village lasted a long time. Not only about his father and his mother's unclear marital status. As a child, Jakop used to be a monologue with Pelle, who was a hand puppet. With Pelle, Jakob can express his heart which cannot be spoken by himself. As a teenager, two girls caught him talking with a doll, and the news was so widespread that Jakop had to refrain from attempting to bully him.

However, Jakop lived by proving that he would be successful. He became a teacher with a great interest in kinship between words from various languages. His interest developed in line with his research on the people who were judged by him. Jakop needs to associate himself with the deceased, so he needs to have a relationship that he can fabricate towards that person. He also makes documentation or some kind of personal archive about the people he visits, which he gets from newspaper advertisements. Jakop put the piece of newspaper in the cigar box which he kept in the bedroom closet.

Solitude can feel lonely for people who live it. But in my opinion, it's better than living in the future. If a person lives alone, at least he can do whatever he wants. I imagine that freedom is easier to live in a large family than in a narrow marriage. --- page 188

Jakop was married, only the marriage did not last long. The wife cannot accept Jakop's unusual behavior. In the end, Jakop returned alone and went through his usual dialogue with Pelle and attended the funeral. Jakop had prepared an argument if anyone had asked about his relationship with the deceased. It's just that the squirrels are jumping, sometimes slipping too. Jakop was forced to swallow the bitter pill of his lies when Agnes, the youngest brother of one of the dead people, was told to expose the lie. There is one fact that escapes Jakop's attention that cannot be avoided from his fictional story.

To Agnes, Jakop wrote a long letter about his life story, his dark secrets, and Jakop's unique habits when attending funerals for funerals in his life.

"Now I understand. I can no longer imagine being an uninvited guest in someone else's life." --- page 316


As is typical of Gaarder's writings, here I find the concept of a letter as it appears in several previous novel titles, such as in the Bibbi Bokken Magic Library or the Orange Girl. I also still feel Gaarder's deep concern about environmental damage, which still appears despite the glimpse of this book. (Gaarder's theme concerns the novel entitled Anna World which tells about global warming, also to Maya .)

It was fun, following Gaarder's writings across time, from reading his novel that was set in 1998 (before the millennium era), to the present where his character uses Instagram. Listen to the beautiful philosophical tale from the Orange Girl to The Puppeteer. I am pleased with his book, composing a lot of new meaning and knowledge. Intriguing instincts, not infrequently changing the way of outlook and perception. Moreover, in this book, the theme is about a "puppeteer", or "mover" story. A theme that is very close to me personally. The last few years, I was a Puppet Master, aka the activator of a character in the world of role-playing .

I never doubted that Pelle himself would talk when we talked. He just had to borrow my voice. --- page 153

Although different from the game played by Jakop and Pelle Skrindo, the essence of the role-playing world remains the same. Someone (in the real world) gives his soul, mind and heart to a non-living thing. Not infrequently, the fictional character undermines and even destroys the real life of the mastermind or the mobilizer. It's just that, in his heartbreaking solitude, Jakop lapsed into a world he composed too deep, so he even sacrificed his real life. In one book, this affected me.

Why not five stars like most other Gaarder books? There was a bit of confusion in understanding Jakop's game and his passion for associating "family" with the meaning of a word, which, perhaps, would be great if I could understand it in Gaarder's mother tongue. I take my hat off with the translator's ability to translate this text. It must be difficult, considering the content in my opinion is not "friendly" with the local language or language that is the translation. However, despite the difficulties and confusion, I can still grasp the meaning and purpose of what Gaarder conveyed to his character.

Continue to be healthy, Opa, in order to continue working. I look forward to the next Gaarder books.

Title: The PuppeteerAuthor: Jostein Gaarder
Publisher: Mizan
Book Thickness: 352 Pages
First edition, September 2017
(original language version, first published March 2016)
ISBN: 9786024410247
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Slot Games Continue to be Enhanced

Slot Games Continue to be Enhanced - What comes to your mind every time you listen to the term slot game? For many people it's interesting the picture of flashing lights and bells ringing in a Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino. At the beginning, slotmachine was made of heavy cast iron, which made it difficult to be dragged and installed.

In 1907, Charles Fey partnered with Mills Novelty Company and created a new line of slot machines, "including Liberty Bell, which would have been known since the grandfather of all slots. This paves the way for high-tech and sophisticated machines, where millions of people countless millions of coins.

Slot Games
Slot Games 

Maybe not too long after that, a number of improvements have been made to these machines, even for example lighter substances which make it easier to transport. Some additional developments that replace the iron that has a wooden cabinet that makes the process of transporting and producing exactly the slot machine is still much easier. During the same period, a number of casino slot game titles began to be re-done with miniature themes, such as wildlife, patriotics, etc.

Many changes made online slots , including bright colors and very good subjects, but young players are trying to find something more difficult and skills are formed. But to get a short period of time, video game slots, which are popular, then after that your changes that seem to increase slots back to fame occur shortly after sadness. A number of adjustments include video poker and online video slots seen at gambling centers such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

In 1964, an electro mechanical video slot game was first released, replacing internal springs and levers with electrical parts, which caused flashing lights and more interesting sounds. Since then, continuous improvement has been designed to match video slots.

Together with the arrival of online casino websites, online slot machines are now very common. These slots provide things that might not be offered by table games, which have become an opportunity for success in one hundred times your investment.

Many people who have never managed to visit a traditional casino to watch and hear that the excitement are really happy to understand casino software companies regularly improve on slot games. Previously there were several versions of internet games but there were still changes to many functions, including replacing slot machines along with Game Apparatus or Digital Gambling Apparatus, and also including having a joystick that can be used to aid online realism. Casinos also think that lacking coin slots is a very good concept, just because they don't need people on their payroll.

Riview: Novel Overview Of The Steel Queen

Enhanced with the markings from an unforgettable launching undergo, Karen Azinger’s The Steel Queen, attracts visitors to Erdhe, a dream imbued kingdom ripe with intrigue, knights, bravery, swords, sorcery and beautiful evil. Whilst the very best book in her Steel and Silk Legend, this unique works as an intro to this middle ages kind lands from the kingdoms from both Erdhe, along side its a number of appealing inhabitants. 

Au thor Azinger offers a rewarding desire read developed with a rewarding combination from task, intrigue and desire elements. The tale engages immediately immersing the visitor in a complexly woven narrative, which residential or commercial properties a big quantity from varied and distinct personalities. The women characters withstand unique charm for these final thought and cunning in a globe where their setting is limited to man supremacy.

Primary, the narrative, especially complies with the courses from many focal characters ; Katherine/Kath, a younger princess whose deepest want is to overview and wield a sword. Blaine, child from the pig man that makes a relatively difficult knighthood. Steffan, a dark personality that efforts electric power at any price and Liandra, queen from Lanverness that wants to protect wealthy kingdom.

On the other hand, the events unravel, with the narrative informed in their different point of views with all the tale altering viewpoints often, as every relocations towards their destiny. Additionally, bettering the personality sewed narrative, are short appearances from much more appealing personalities. But, initially, this seems the numbers get on different courses, utilizing their specific objectives to accomplish, destiny determines or else due to sinister power at work streamlines each Erdhe.

Thus, what complies with is an amusing, fully grown, dynamic and occasionally really fierce, however extremely well memorable narrative, that checks out the sensuous, amusing, as well as spiritual landscape from the dream globe dealing with the core from darkness.

Eventually, I suched as The Steel Queen. With this job, Writer Azinger has wrought the delights from a fascinating and a lot, satisfying desire collection. What’s much more, whilst there definitely are a range from desire category publications offered, what divides that a person by the a variety of others is the top quality and style from the composing and creativity. Developer Karen Azinger wields a well developed knack for appealing and succinct tale informing.

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Really feel the Are afraid and Do This Any Method – Book Review

Hiddeninabook.net - Really feel the Are afraid and Do This Any Method – Book Review
Throughout the years I’ve read Susan Jeffers hardly any book a couple of times and advised this to many others. Recently I was dealing with a job and wanted to discuss that the magazine therefore my youngster provided me a”quick study” duplicate.

I utilized to marvel exactly how outstanding this was, each from the basis from the magazine in a fast and easy to search style. 

Really feel the Are afraid and Do This Any Method
Really feel the Are afraid and Do This Any Method 

Guide at first talks about worries and the various kinds we can be besieged by. The biggest fear”I can’t deal with it” remains in the base from many our significant anxieties. Potentially you had been drawn in on by caring, well-meaning family members that constantly informed one to”be mindful” or”care”, this truly might potentially be considerable on your believing, activities and life.

You‘ve to understand whatever occurs in your very own life”it is feasible to deal with it”, and after that there‘s nothing to be stressed over. Are afraid never ever really makes us, also widely known stars and audio speakers are still fearful taking place phase, however they’ve identified the sensations as enjoyment and electrical power for the task within your reaches, as well as skilled this determining they’ll provide a far better efficiency.

The much more often you do precisely the important things dreadful, the are afraid will lesson, also and quickly you require to something new and should establish right into accustomed around once again. Nevertheless with each new issue you ultimately end up being much more more powerful.

The author programs is the method to usage the fearful environment to enhance our very own lives. We can discover ways to reveal the discomfort right into stamina. You may also comprehend no-lose options and acquire self-confidence as they’re just actions previously following choice. Susan recommends specifying indeed to life and going through great deals of brand-new issues and enriching your very own life.

I very first read guide when I‘d been dealing with a younger lady that was undergoing a rough-patch, this helped her tremendously ; this was 40 years back.

Exist any points you’d truly prefer to require to or do, dreams you’ve almost failed to remember. Just take motivation from Susan Jeffers and deal this a relocation. Traveling to remote locations you‘ve constantly wished to see. Produce brand-new friends, new options, don‘t permit your worries postpone you. Learn how to repaint or sing or dancing ; grow a yard and even start your very own individual business, discover a much much more satisfying job or modification professions. Whatever you can utilizing the appropriate frame of mind.

A job forever is something from the previous. Where will your new self-confidence take you? Guarantee your life zing and daily an enjoyment to live, learn how to conquered the challenges life draws in such as ill-health, or do not have from a cherished individual, end up being powerful.

You might deal with this!

Absolute best Want an interesting future.