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Falling into Places


The day Liz Emerson attempted suicide, Newton's Law of Motion was discussed in Physics class. The inertia, the force, the mass, the gravity, the speed, the acceleration ... none of that entered his head properly, but after Liz's school practiced those laws by driving his car off the highway.

Now Liz is dying in the hospital, and he could die at any time. Just as Liz did not understand Newton's Law of Motion, people also did not understand why this unfortunate incident happened to Liz Emerson, the most popular and most formidable girl in Meridian. But I understand. I was with him when the car hit the guardrail and ended at the bottom of the hill. I understand why we fell freely there on the third week of January. I know the reason Liz ended his life. I understood Liz's sadness, how lonely she was and how heartbroken she was.

Every action produces a reaction. But Liz Emerson doesn't need to disappear from this world, right?


Amy Zhang actually applied the concept of Newton's Law III when writing this book; the law of cause and effect. "Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction."

While reading the first paragraph of this book, I was presented with a spectacular opening like this:

The day Liz Emerson attempted suicide, Newton's Law of Motion was discussed in Physics class. Then, after school, Liz practiced the laws by driving her Mercedes off the highway.

Afterwards, Liz's evacuation and rescue efforts were delivered with an engaging show technique, leaving a real impression with panic, fear, anxiety, which followed. How is Liz's fate? Will his end to life be successful? Or instead he will still live much longer? What is clear, a telephone call to the police station managed to prevent the situation from becoming increasingly fatal. Even though, being between life and death with a belief in survival as thin as an epidermis, it feels sad.

The story line moves back and forth with an interesting story, revealing the side of Liz's life as if peeling an onion. The reader is brought to know Liz Emerson, a popular student at Meridian, a figure who is considered perfect by his friends. Dissenters, authorities, and all the other things that made Liz and her two friends, Julia, and Kennie, become known throughout the school. What made Liz commit suicide? Lonely. How can Liz feel lonely if she is surrounded by friends who love her, and Liz often moves from one crowd to another? One party to another? Why could Liz decide to end her life just because of a lonely "cemen" case? Perhaps that is what the writer wants to convey to his character. That the reader is taken to "judge"

However, when the reader is brought to know Liz more deeply, about the events that shook her life, Liz who arbitrarily turned into another Liz, a figure she had been covering up, that nobody else wanted to know. The law of cause and effect formed Liz to be her now. The story of his late father, a childhood friend of victims who formed his character, what happened to those close to him, to his two friends, and many other stories. A person who looks like a story, happy, but his soul is empty. He was lonely, and unfortunately, the reader could share how Liz lived her life in a lonely life. Even in every decision he thinks about, there is turmoil that readers can feel when diving into the story of Liz.

Until in the end, Liz felt that she did not deserve to be on earth with billions of other good human beings. All his behavior seemed to echo in his head. Everything that happened with his intervention appeared in the loneliness that gripped him.

Liz did not realize that an equally large and contradictory reaction was this: every cruel, evil, and spiteful act that Liz had ever done bounced back to her.

In fact, life is not that simple. That many things happen, even more complicated than the explanation of the causal relationship that appears there.

I give a thumbs up with the expertise of the author in telling his story. I am even reluctant to read this book in passing. Because every paragraph is really contained, so it's a pity to pass it by. The way it is written teaches me how to process stories with good show techniques. Everything is meaningful. Moreover, explaining an adolescent story (which doesn't even like physics very much) with the spices of Physics's theory of Newton's Laws of Motion. The author even divides his book (indirectly) in three stages. The first, about Newton's First Law:

A stationary object will remain stationary, and a moving object will continue to move at a constant speed, unless there is an external force acting on it.

This refers to the constant state of Liz's life, which is related to the law of humility, or the state of resistance to change. Then move on to Newton's Law II:

Force is equal to the rate of change in momentum divided by the change in time. For a fixed mass, the force is equal to mass times the acceleration.

Describes Liz's situation, in which she attempts to do "something" in an attempt to get rid of her, and the crime in her hands. Unfortunately Liz did something wrong. And finally, Newton's Law III:

Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

In plain view, something is closely related to the law of cause and effect. Even so, Mr. Eliezer gave a closing sentence in her teaching session:

"Life is more than cause and effect."

Liz needs to know that.

Apart from the close relationship between this novel and Physics, something that has a love hate relationship with me, this book is VERY good! Presented with an unusual point of view (which reminds me of the film Inside Out), a neat and impressive flow back and forth, and managed to bring the reader to feel close to the feelings of the characters. (Moreover, there are physics-physics right, so more and more fell in love with this book! And well, when else will I make a review while fiercely discussing Newton's Law right yaaa XD) Five-star for the book! If necessary, borrow a neighboring star to add more stars =))

I want to go back to high school if the Physical teacher like Mr. Eliezer: D And also want to hear more about Liam's story! (Who is Liam? Just read this book to find the answer;)

Title : Falling into Places
Author: Amy Zhang
Publisher: POP
Book Thickness: 327 Pages
First Matter, October 2016
(original language version, first published September 2014)
ISBN : 9786024241995
Rating: 5 out of 5

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