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The Storied Life of AJ Fikry


"Humans cannot live alone; every book opens a window to the world."

AJ Fikry's life was far from what he had hoped for. His wife died, sales in his bookstore dropped sharply, and his most valuable treasure, Poe's rare collection of poems, had just been stolen. Slowly but surely, AJ distanced himself from everyone on Alice Island. In fact he no longer found excitement from the books in his shop. He even considered the books merely a sign that the world had changed so fast. But then a mysterious package appeared in his shop. The package is small, although the weight is pretty good. His appearance gave AJ the opportunity to make his life better and see things from a different perspective. It didn't take long for people around AJ to realize the change in him. He was no longer bitter, books returned to his world,


We read to know we are not alone. We read because we are alone. We read and we are not alone. We are not alone. --- page 263

AJ Fikry is a middle-aged man who owns the only bookstore on the island where he lives. Since the death of his wife after delivering the writer after the meeting with the writer at his bookstore. After that, his life was a mess. AJ became a cynical man who had been disrespectful to a woman from a publication who brought a catalog of books belonging to his company. AJ likes to drink liquor he will regret one day. He lost Edgar Allan Poe's rare book when he was drunk. The book is estimated to cost more than all the books it sells.

Some come, some go. After the tumultuous loss, AJ arrived at something mysterious at his bookstore; a baby. The next day, the police found the body of a young woman on the lighthouse who was allegedly the mother of the baby. He is named Maya. And Maya's presence in AJ's life, made her life more colorful, and even better. With Maya, AJ, who was originally pessimistic and boring, has become more open. AJ became close with a police officer on the island, who later became his best friend. And in the end, it was connected with the woman who filled out the love story sheet.

What's interesting about this story, it's not just the plot that is unusual and surprising. However, following AJ's daily life as a book lover, with the bookstore he manages, it only adds to the impression of this novel. About why he finally decided to become a manager of a small bookstore, then his views on books (which marked the beginning of this chapter), and many more. Then, there are also interesting, when AJ judge someone based on the book:

"If Jenny is a book, she is a paperback book that has just been taken out of a box - no pages are folded as markers, no water marks on the pages, no lines have been opened on the backs of books. AJ prefers social workers who appear to be experienced, he imagined the synopsis behind Jenny's story: when Jenny who was full of enthusiasm from Fairfield, Connecticut, accepted a job as a social worker in a big city, she didn't know what kind of world she was in "--- page 69

Or, the sentence given by AJ when applying for the woman he loves:

"I can promise you my whole book, conversation and heart." --- page 165

This book is interesting, maybe because as a reader who has the same interests as the characters, I feel connected and agree with some of the statements of the characters in this story. For example, for example, when Amelia Loman is dating a man, and she asks what books affect her life. The man answered, "Basic Principles of Accounting part II." From there Amelia can conclude that the man does not like literature. How can he live with someone who has nothing in common with him? This might sound skeptical, but I can still find the correlation with Amelia. The thought of spending time with someone who does not share our views is quite intriguing and disturbing. Then, what if we offered two choices, the first is a completely different person, and has a different hobby. Then, a second person appears who has the same interests and the same vision as us, even though he is not perfect and even far from perfect. I can understand the character's turmoil that can finally understand the path he chose.

In addition to the beautiful story, which is highly correlated with the lives of book lovers, this book is also a good study companion. As a teacher, the writer not only tells how to write, but also directly practices it by presenting a story that can be taken lessons, both literally, and moral lessons in the contents of the story. This book is highly recommended because everything is beautiful and interesting. It is fun to read stories where the characters are united by books. In fact, even showing one's feelings, with a sentence that is "book once".

"I've seen you on the shelf for years. I've read the synopsis and the quote on the back." --- page 291

Title: The Storied Life of AJ Fikry --- AJ Fikry's Life Story
Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Book Thickness: 280 Pages
First printing, October 2017
(original language version: December 2014)
ISBN:  9786020375916
Rating: 4 out of 5Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Book Thickness: 280 Pages
First printing, October 2017
(original language version: December 2014)
ISBN:  9786020375916
Rating: 4 out of 5

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