Kamis, 19 Maret 2020

Impact Corona Virus, Football Manager 2020 Can Be Played For Free For A Week

There is new ammunition for those who are bored while isolating themselves due to the corona virus outbreak . Yes, there is one of the best soccer simulation games in the world you can enjoy for free for this week.

Football Manager 2020 aka FM 2020 is free for the next seven days. According to the explanation on the official website of FM 2020, you can play this game for free starting from Wednesday (3/18/2020) until March 25th.

After that, you can continue playing after buying the game in full. FM 2020 itself is priced at Rp.444 thousand on Steam, but the price can go down if there is a price-cutting event that is often held on Steam.
How to get free FM 2020 is easy, you must have a Steam account and just download the game from the platform .
The details are like this, you need to open the Football Manager 2020 page on Steam. Then look for options to play the game for free for six days which is located a little down.

After that, Steam will automatically install the game to the computer and you can immediately play it after the process is complete.

The free FM 2020 is only for computers. For those of you who want to play FM 2020 on mobile phones.
Even so, this free FM 2020 can at least be a solace for football fans around the world. Especially Liverpool fans who must be patient to see his favorite team win the Premier League for the first time in 30 years.

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