Jumat, 06 Maret 2020

Realme Focus on Working on 5G and AIoT for 2020

 Realme said, this year the company will focus on developing the 5G and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things) ecosystems. This was revealed by Senior Brand Manager of Realme Indonesia, Palson Yi.

Realme Focus on Working on 5G and AIoT for 2020

"We want to popularize 5G throughout the world. Therefore, Realme will focus on 5G devices. One of them is the X50 Pro 5G which is aimed at the global market, so that it can reach more countries," he said during a preview of the X50 Pro 5G Realme in Jakarta on Friday. (7/7/2020).

Furthermore Palson said, Realme also wanted to present a 5G device for young people, so they could also feel the experience to use it.

"Realme wants to be one of the smartphone brands that has helped drive the development of 5G in the world," he said further.

Previously, Realme indeed said it would release at least five 5G smartphones with a wider price range to reach more people.

In addition to supporting the wider 5G ecosystem, another focus this year is AIoT. According to Palson, the presence of AIoT products by Realme can not be separated from the development of 5G networks as a supporter of this product in the future.

AIoT and 5G go hand in hand

Realme Focus on Working on 5G and AIoT for 2020

Public Relations Manager of Realme Indonesia, Krisva Angnieszca, the AIoT strategy and the development of 5G built by Realme will go hand in hand, but that does not mean interdependence.

That is, the AIoT and 5G ecosystems developed by Realme are indeed ideal if they can support each other, but that does not mean that AIoT cannot stand without 5G.

"Because Realme has said that our trend in 2020 is 5G and AIoT, it is already in our plans. If for example the 5G does not yet support, AIoT can still be used," he explained further.

Just for information, Realme itself will divide its AIoT products into three categories, namely personal (home), home (home), and travel (travel needs). For personal categories, products included in it like headphones, smartwatch, smartband , including true wireless stereo (TWS).

While for the home category, there are smart TVs, smart speakers, soundbar , connected home devices, such as vacuum robots . Then for travel support products, Realme prepares backpacks , luggage, clothes, power banks , to other accessories.

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